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An economic tool for empowering creator livelihood and supporting fans’ investment education

Our team

I led Product Design, Content Design, Visual Identity, and Presentation Design

Sasha Mack, MBA, Strategy and Ops

Val Mack & Reaal, Back-end Engineers 

Elliot Blanchard, Front-end Engineer

The hackathon

2,000 applications to the ETHGlobal NFT Hack. 590 Hackers accepted across 55 countries and 19 time zones.

The outcome

Our team concepted, designed, and hacked a prototype in 2.5 days. The coded prototype lives on and recorded demos on YouTube.

We won the Creator Comfort prize from Protocol Labs for the best project that helps creators and artists of all kinds learn the ropes of NFTs, Web3, IPFS, and more.

Roxanne does an outstanding job working with software engineers across various parts of the stack. She asks the right questions about product, user experience, and human interaction and paints a crisp picture of a user’s journey as they interact with a product.
Her unique skill in requirements gathering and providing focus to a project is what allowed us to be efficient and successfully meet our project goals in a team that had no prior experience working together. Can’t wait to work with her again!”

Val Mack, Software Engineer, 3Box Labs and Co-Founder of Future Proof Collective

Define problem
and user needs

Developed user stories that defined the target personas, their problems, pain points, needs, motivations, and goals to put ourselves in their shoes.

Emergent concepting

Facilitated divergent and convergent thinking to brainstorm wild ideas, cluster common themes, synthesize and vote on our favorite concept to pursue.

Mapping end-to-end
user journey

Created a story arc that told a happy path of the end-to-end user journey (for both sender and receiver), included risks and considerations in discussion.

Unlocking a novel way to distribute and tokenize digital creative work efficiently, easily, and at scale is a gas efficient tool that lets creators gift (airdrop) multiple NFTs to many of their followers all at once.

Meet people where they are

Creators and fans already interact and engage heavily on #NFTtwitter, so we built the ability to create a Twitter handle address book from tweet links and send NFTs to Twitter handles.


Control who and how many you send to

Knowing that most creators run promo campaigns on social, we made it easy to pull the first or random amount of Twitter handles so you can reward fans with NFT airdrops.

A fun, easy, and frictionless way to start investing and collecting NFTs

Easy as 1-2-3


“Try before you buy”

View your gfted NFT before deciding to commit and go through process of redeeming the NFT.

“Trial” period countdown creates sense of urgency to take action.

Clear, simple 3-step process at the top of page to explain how to redeem NFT.

Strikethrough decreased step # opacity to indicate progress on step(s) completed.

No crypto wallet, no problem

To reduce the friction of having to create a new crypto wallet to view your gfted NFT, automatically creates a temporary “burner” wallet to store the NFT that a creator airdrops to you.

Visual identity

NFTs in 2021 were marked by a wave of digital art experimenting on the fringes of a new web3 frontier.

What could a product of this period look and feel like? If were a person, who would they be?




Logomark inspired by the air symbol because it gave a nod to our tool that lets your “airdrop,” while the triangle shape of the symbol creates an abstract representation of one to many.

Named product  as a clever play on words where GFT is spelled like NFT with a “G”, and the tool enables your to gift NFT art to your fans and followers via airdropping.


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